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Pyramid of Khafra (Chefren) on the Giza plateau Only around 10 metres lower than the Great Pyramid, the Khafre Pyramid is the second-largest pyramid in Egypt. The pyramid is distinctive in that the upper portion of it still has the old cladding’s remnants. At Giza, Khafra constructed a pyramid next to his father’s structure. Its […]
Egypt’s capital during the reign of the New Kingdom kings was located in Luxor, the current site of the Karnak temple. Not always was this temple in ancient Egypt known as Karnak. Similar to the southern House of deity Amun at the Temple of Luxor, it was formerly referred to as the northern House of […]
The history of The Great Pyramid of Cheops: The Great Pyramid of Cheops also called (Khufu) built on the plateau of Giza and is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and still existing today and always visited by travelers, is the first one that appears on sight if, like most visitors, […]
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